Simple Things that Make me Happy

Like Coco-Cola, I also feel that happiness is something that brings smile to our face; this is because we smile only when we are happy. Happiness is a much required element as it gives us strength to be what we are.

Here I am listing down things that make me happy:

1.       Listening to Music – I love listening to music, especially when it comes to hearing fresh Coke Studio music on YouTube channel.  I get to see the real music talent and the brilliant creativity coming together and making beautiful music – that surely makes one happy. I feel happy the way musicians express themselves on the platform and make their audience feel the music that they create. Often I start my day hearing to a good song. I also blog about music.

2.       Writing Blog post – This is another thing that makes me feel happy. Whenever I create a good post and publish it, I feel happy. The happiness increases when I get good comments from friends. Many times friends also help me in improving my writing. Thus, I earn smiles and feedback each time I write on my blog. Most I write about personal experiences and it feels good to see experiences in writing and easily shareable form.

3.       Taking a walk – Walking can be a good pastime or an exercise, but for me it is beyond pastime and exercise. Walking is another interesting thing that I love to do. However, I do not like walking alone. I love walking with my friends. In Mumbai, I often take walk with one of my friends. Our walk is often a reason to have good conversations about ourselves and the progress we are making or should make. Also, we talk about her college affairs and my office affairs.

4.       Reading – Reading is not only entertaining, but also about gaining perspective and knowledge. I often read about entrepreneurship over the Internet. I also read books on Creativity and Motivation. Reading motivational books gives me inspiration to work harder and be smart, it lets me gain focus to what I should be doing and where should I invest my time.

5.       Connecting to a friend – In this 21st century, it is very easy to connect to faraway friends. I connect with few friends, over phone, during weekends and it gives me happiness. Taking about moments spent together is one of the best things to talk about – It helps us rejoice those moments again and feel happy.

Apart from other things, these above listed things are my favourites. And, I resort to one of these things whenever I feel the need for happiness and after I do it I feel happy and I smile.

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