Fly the new feeling – My Vistara Experience

Travelling on India's newest full service carrier was an amazing experience - delicious food on board, courteous staff and thoughtfully created in-flight magazine.

I am not a frequent flyer, however I do keep notice of every small thing that pertains to service quality and overall customer experience.

For this travel, I'll share my experience in five specific areas as given below:

Check-in: This was really simple and hassle free. As Vistara fly from Terminal 2 of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA), the check-in area is elaborate and adequately staffed.

Baggage: Staff at check-in counter are very courteous, they ask and confirm whether you baggage contains any fragile items. My guitar was properly handled and personally handed over to me at Delhi airport.

Boarding: There was proper announcement and arrangement for boarding for each class.

In-flight Dining: Ah! I was surprised. Amazing food and in fact I learnt that the menu is planned every week.

In flight announcement: Audible and engaging.

In flight ambience: As Vistara has brand new Airbus, they are clean and ergonomically configured to comfort every passenger. With adjustable head rest and reclining seats, you will arrive at your destination, relaxed.

In flight Magazine: I have read couple of in-flight magazines during my previous flights. Often they are filled with advertisement of high-end brands, hotels and products. But in Vistara's In-flight magazine you will indulge in something insightful read - from history to poems, you will be delighted with the assortment of content in the magazine. You can read all the back issues and also the current issue here.

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Frequent Flyer Program(FFP): Club Vistara is the FFP of Vistara airlines. I recently joined and have got 500 bonus miles as well in addition to my first flight miles. In many airlines, you earn miles based on sectors, but on Vistara you earn value based miles. You can read more about this here.

I would definitely recommend travelers to fly the new experience


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