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Uber in Guwahati - Will the Giants Smash the Minis?

With launch of Uber in Guwahati and there other cities in India might have become a success milestone in the books of Uber Technologies. At the same time, books of other local operators like Prime Cabz, Pristine Cabs, Swiss Cabs, Rhino One Green Cab among others. Prime Cab, which apparently started before Uber started operations India, looks prone to getting hit by the giant.
Guwahati has few cab service provider started by city-based entrepreneurs. Prime Cab has been one of the front runners in the area until Ola and now Uber came into play. I have taken few ride with Prime Cab and had good experiences - transparent pricing, soft-spoken and friendly cabbies and punctual. 
Well with two giants (Uber and Ola) in taxi hailing service coming in, I am doubtful about how far can they fight the competition. After-all they do not have the billion dollar funding and expertise to grab back their share or expand to other cities and towns.
One the other side, customers now need the comfort of b…

BNLF 2015 - IndiBlogger’s most disruptive conference!

I have been part of Indiblogger for sometime now. It has been an amazing experience, apart from other achievements, being able to write on a regular basis is a habit that Indiblogger community has helped me attain over the years.
BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever) 2015 Conference is yet another innovation by Indiblogger team in the blogger arena. I am really excited about this event. With best of the best in the Industry coming together, this event is going to be a most disruptive conference.
As I browsed through the BNLF site, the elements that are favourite to me are as follows:
Keynote Speakers: Everyone loves hearing from people who have achieved breakthroughs. It is just inspiring and gives positive vibes. At BNLF 2015, Bruce Dickinson, Preeti Shenoy, Jeff Bullas among others will be giving Keynotes. Isn't it exciting? The full list of speakers is here.Blogging Fraternity is here: This conference will have everyone from blogging fraternity - Bloggers, Content creators, Content marke…

5 Reasons Why You Must Watch the Movie - Manjhi : Mountain Man

Ketan Mehta, the director of the movie Manjhi himself stated that making the film was like making a mountain. Indeed, the movie is a great piece of art, which stands tall as a testimony of hard-work, patience and imagination. After all it tells us a story that can move mountains.

Here are five reasons why you MUST watch the movie.

True Story: This film is based on a story of Dashrath Manjhi. A man who relentlessly worked for 22 years to build a roadway through a mountain connecting Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya. The road shortened the distance to just 15 KMs which was earlier 55 KMs.Hard-work, Passion and Determination: This movie demonstrates how hard-work, passion and determination can move mountains.Fabulous Acts: Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte showcase their best in them, they have so aptly done their roles that audience will be glued to the screen.NFDC produced: This movie is produced by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation). A national corporation which "aims…