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The Entertainment Freedom: Record, Transfer and Carry Your Entertainment!

Prologue: In my 1BHK  apartment in Kurla (East), Romal (my room-mate) and I, like millions of other TV viewers, fight for remote. Because our favourite shows on TV airs, co-incidentally, on same timing. Also, we miss out many of our favourite shows during weekends.
But, with Tata Sky's new product TATASky Transfer, you have the command over every show. You're now the broadcaster, because you can record, transfer and watch it anytime, anywhere. Truly, it's an Entertainment Freedom. *** Few weeks back, after reaching my apartment, I said to my room-mate - 'Record, Transfer and Carry Your Entertainment, Romal!'
"What?"  He said, in response to my above statement, holding the remote in his hand, becoming aware that I might snatch it.
To satisfy his "What?" reaction, I sat down with him to explain him the latest and first-of-its-kind product from Tata Sky - the TATASky Transfer.
Since, we both go out on weekends, we generally miss out our favourite show…

Winter in Delhi

Winter is Delhi is about happiness. During my undergraduate days at University of Delhi, I had amazing experiences. Read ahead to feel them.:)

In those days, winter came with its own goodies - Gajar ka halwa and Warm Gulab Jamun at a temporary stall set-up by elderly uncle. Hanging around his stall during late in the night used to be an ultimate pleasure. Steamed momos with spicy chutney was another awesome food. Gupta's burger infact was better than Dunkin's or McD's burger (Hygiene-wise it may be questionable).
Walking on empty streets and finding one ice-cream walla used to be a joy. "paanch rupaiya wala sabse mehenga ice-cream dena" was the phrase we funnily used while ordering lic-lollic ice-cream. (It still comes for five rupees)
Stray dogs would take refuge under cars and other vehicles. It was a luxury for them as cars protected them from the chilling Delhi winter as they cars' engine took time to cool.
Vegetable market near to our colony used to hav…

Learning Guitar - Few Important Tips for Beginners

One might wonder, how come personal experience got into professionally blogging about guitar. But,
I too wonder on the same idea.

Recently I have research so many websites and YouTube channels on learning guitar, a only word I can say is "There's so MUCH". Yes, in fact, there is so much of material that it is easy to get lost in the crowd of materials and guitarists. You will easily feel tired and won't have energy to play guitar (just kidding).

So, this post comes with an urge to help beginner guitar players with these following tips (not tricks):

Choosing Guitar (What's you budget dude!): Set your budget, ask other guitar players you know what you can get at the budget. OR a simple theory is visit a decent shop and browse through guitar display they have a ask for the MRP, try them all (test drive) and buy the one that suits your budget size. After all you will be coming back with more money to buy a better guitar. I bought my first guitar at INR 5600.
Follow O…

Learning Guitar - Is This the Most Easy Way?

I started learning guitar informally way back in 2012 after I joined PG programme in Bangalore. Prior to this, I had very little know-how about the guitar.

During the time, I had a craze to play "Iktara" song from the movie 'Wake Up Sid!'. I started learning with playing the G chord, and then C and D. G was quite easy followed by C. However playing D was really tough initially. However, with practice, I learnt to play. And recently I learnt the proper finger placement.

So, I never went to formal Guitar school or a trainer. However, I had a mentor who was my friend and we started a informal learning session wherein he mentored us and gave us initial guitar lessons. It was infact very inspiring - because he taught us about the parts of guitar, the chord theory among others.

It is quite obvious that we generally tend to hate theoritical stuff. Same happened with learning the theory of guitar. I never kept notes of it and gradually forgot about it. I wish I had kept a n…