Learning Guitar - Few Important Tips for Beginners

One might wonder, how come personal experience got into professionally blogging about guitar. But,
I too wonder on the same idea.

Recently I have research so many websites and YouTube channels on learning guitar, a only word I can say is "There's so MUCH". Yes, in fact, there is so much of material that it is easy to get lost in the crowd of materials and guitarists. You will easily feel tired and won't have energy to play guitar (just kidding).

So, this post comes with an urge to help beginner guitar players with these following tips (not tricks):

  • Choosing Guitar (What's you budget dude!): Set your budget, ask other guitar players you know what you can get at the budget. OR a simple theory is visit a decent shop and browse through guitar display they have a ask for the MRP, try them all (test drive) and buy the one that suits your budget size. After all you will be coming back with more money to buy a better guitar. I bought my first guitar at INR 5600.

  • Follow One: Don't be flirty when it come to learning guitar. Stick to one guide until you gain some basic experience (like playing basic open chords, and strumming some sweet combinations of chords). I am learning from Justin Guitar (both website and YouTube channel).

  • No Bunking: All college goers bunk classes (because lecture are often boring). When it comes to watching videos on YouTube or reading music theory, you will feel bored. But remember with regular practice you will be a perfect guitar player. So, say "NO" to bunking.

  • Guitar Accessories: Does this sound like a 'jargon'?. Well, I hope it's not. Yes, guitar also have a set of accessories like spare plectrum, strap, cover, spare strings, capo, tuner and metronome. Do get them all especially the guitar tuner, it will help you and keep guiding you on mastering the true sound of each string and chords.
With these tips, I feel assured that you're good to start as a newbie guitarist. Go, rock it!

Have questions, comments, like/ dislike, tell me using the 'comment section'. :)
Photo credits: Image courtesy of digitalart (image 1) fantasista (Image 2) and Stuart Miles (Image 3) at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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