Learning Guitar - Is This the Most Easy Way?

I started learning guitar informally way back in 2012 after I joined PG programme in Bangalore. Prior to this, I had very little know-how about the guitar.

During the time, I had a craze to play "Iktara" song from the movie 'Wake Up Sid!'. I started learning with playing the G chord, and then C and D. G was quite easy followed by C. However playing D was really tough initially. However, with practice, I learnt to play. And recently I learnt the proper finger placement.

So, I never went to formal Guitar school or a trainer. However, I had a mentor who was my friend and we started a informal learning session wherein he mentored us and gave us initial guitar lessons. It was infact very inspiring - because he taught us about the parts of guitar, the chord theory among others.

It is quite obvious that we generally tend to hate theoritical stuff. Same happened with learning the theory of guitar. I never kept notes of it and gradually forgot about it. I wish I had kept a note copy to document whatever I learnt overtime. So first lesson is that maintain a notebook. Write down every small thing you learn.

So, lets come to the topic of this blog.

I see two ways of learning guitar from my experience.

One, to straight off, start strumming guitar, select a song,check the chords online and learn them. Yay! You just learnt to play a song...and YouTube becomes your Guitar Learning School.

Two, learn the basics, join a Guitar class, and progress with very boring practice and after many days your get to play a song/ a chord.

What do you feel about this, I know this is quite a random writing. But, I thought I should write about this and share.

For those who are interested in learning guitar, do comment with your queries. Those who are professionals reading this post, feel free go voice your opinions. :)

Happy Strumming! :)


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