The Entertainment Freedom: Record, Transfer and Carry Your Entertainment!

In my 1BHK  apartment in Kurla (East), Romal (my room-mate) and I, like millions of other TV viewers, fight for remote. Because our favourite shows on TV airs, co-incidentally, on same timing. Also, we miss out many of our favourite shows during weekends.

But, with Tata Sky's new product TATASky Transfer, you have the command over every show. You're now the broadcaster, because you can record, transfer and watch it anytime, anywhere. Truly, it's an Entertainment Freedom.
Few weeks back, after reaching my apartment, I said to my room-mate - 'Record, Transfer and Carry Your Entertainment, Romal!'

"What?"  He said, in response to my above statement, holding the remote in his hand, becoming aware that I might snatch it.

To satisfy his "What?" reaction, I sat down with him to explain him the latest and first-of-its-kind product from Tata Sky - the TATASky Transfer.

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Since, we both go out on weekends, we generally miss out our favourite shows. Now with TATASky Transfer, we can be at peace. We can just record and watch it later on our mobile device while going to office, during lunch break and while way back home.

The shows that I'll be recording and carrying on my Android phone are Science of Stupid (NatGeo), Brain Games (NatGeo), Comedy Nights With Kapil (Colors) among others. Recording these shows will allow me to enjoy my favourite shows anywhere, anytime. As I work with low-income private school teachers, I will be able to showcase the NatGeo programmes to my teachers as well.

Additionally, when my room-mate staring on television, I can use my time to complete my other work . No more fight for remote. Yay!

After I had explained him about TataSky Transfer, Romal suddenly responds saying "achaa! woh transferkars family wala advertisement isi ka hai. Yaad aaya, samaj gaya!"

Have you seen the interesting 'transferkars in action' video yet? Watch it now!

After his sudden reaction, Romal starts his laptop and checks the TataSky Tranfer at You can also check more details of this innovative product on the site.

You know Tata Sky is the first DTH provider in the country to exclusively bring this product to enable you to 'Record, Transfer and Carry your content wherever you go.' Tata Sky is giving you the 'Entertainment Freedom', claim it now!

Let me know what you feel about this innovative product? Also, what are your favourite shows that you wish to record, transfer and carry in your mobile device for yourself and others to enjoy it?


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