Winter in Delhi

Winter is Delhi is about happiness. During my undergraduate days at University of Delhi, I had amazing experiences. Read ahead to feel them.:)

In those days, winter came with its own goodies - Gajar ka halwa and Warm Gulab Jamun at a temporary stall set-up by elderly uncle. Hanging around his stall during late in the night used to be an ultimate pleasure. Steamed momos with spicy chutney was another awesome food. Gupta's burger infact was better than Dunkin's or McD's burger (Hygiene-wise it may be questionable).

Walking on empty streets and finding one ice-cream walla used to be a joy. "paanch rupaiya wala sabse mehenga ice-cream dena" was the phrase we funnily used while ordering lic-lollic ice-cream. (It still comes for five rupees)

Stray dogs would take refuge under cars and other vehicles. It was a luxury for them as cars protected them from the chilling Delhi winter as they cars' engine took time to cool.

Vegetable market near to our colony used to have the fresh fragrance of coriander , cabbage, spring onion and other vegetables. Vendors would shout out loud "bees rupaiya me chaar kilo", it seems Delhi gets maximum supply of vegetables, especially during winters. We used to cook and I always happened to be taking the responsibility to buy vegetables and wash dishes occasionally (most frustrating task, but it is easier than to cook) 

We rarely used more water in bathrooms, in fact some of our roommates would not take bath for weeks. That was when I understood the use of deodorants and costly perfumes. Washing clothes was few of those words which were rarely spoken during winters in Delhi.

Waking-up early in the morning  or sometimes even late used to be a big challenge. One has to be very dedicated and passionate in order to wake-up. Or if there was a matter of salary deduction. I think students at DU colleges do most bunking during winters (this is just a hypothesis)

How has been your Delhi Winter experience? Let me know using the comment box below.


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