How McCAIN French Fries and Smiles became favourite in my home?

One evening when Sneha, my better half, served me French Fries for my evening snack, I was surprised to have had such a delicious fries. As I remember I only had French fries at fast food stores prior to that. After Sneha had served me amazing French fries at home, one won’t believe, I started having French fries very often and it became my favourite snack time food.

Later that When I asked Sneha about the French fries, she told me about the food brand 'McCAIN Foods'. As I was working on my computer, Sneha gave me the empty packet of McCAIN French Fries and asked me to also read the packet.

I didn't pay any heed to the packet, rather thought of being smart.

Curiosity has no limits, I started researching McCAIN on Google, I discovered that McCAIN is a leading producer of French Fries and other potatoes delicacies. Its products are marketed in 160 countries, making McCAIN truly a world leader in frozen food market. Surprised? learn more about McCAIN Foods at:

During dinner that very day, Sneha told me all about how she learnt different recipes she learnt at McCAIN’s YouTube channel. She asked me whether I can prepare Smiles Canapes. I looked through the video and planned to prepare Smiles Canapes the next day.

The next day, both of us were home. As planned, we both got busy in preparing Smiles Canapes.

Door bell rings!

I asked Sneha to open the door, as I was more busy in the kitchen.

Romal walks in to kitchen and says “Mom I am hungry”, “What’s papa preparing”?

Snip from Smiles Canapes Video
Sneha replies "Smiles Canapes"

“Wow Smiley snacks, I love them?” Romal exclaims in happiness. He further says "give me a plateful of them, please!"

Romal settles with a plateful of Smiles Canapes with a big smile. He eats satisfactorily and after a
while leaves for a walk at a neighbourhood park.

Since then, Sneha and I prepare McCAIN delicacies more often, because it is a reason for Romal to smile and for us too.

Like for our family, McCAIN can be reason for your smile. Try it.


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