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Shopping for Kids in a New Way

I can remember the days when I used to order books and electronics online. Most of my University friends also did the same. However, gradually things started changing. With many e-commerce sites coming up, they were offering more product categories like clothing, household items and now even groceries.
The e-commerce landscape has evolved very fast and it is still evolving to delight customers and provide best value in terms of price and quality.
Well, keeping the above information in context, I will talk about something that is very interesting – parents are now shopping for toys online. I will present some data here:

#1 – Barbie
#2 – Mickey Mouse
#3 – Chhota Bheem
#4 – Superman
#5 – Motu Patlu 

·Beyblade Spinners
·Shenshou Cubes
·Rubik’s Cubes
·Talking Tom
·English Learner Laptop

·United Colors of Benetton
So, the data speaks of how shopping for kids is changing, parents are going online. With children becoming conscious and atta…

My Favourite City, Delhi and its Drive, Design and Connect.

My first flight Jet Airways 9W 608 landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport on 28th May 2008. In 2008, I had just graduated from my high school and was looking for pursuing higher education in Delhi.
My School principal Mr. Kannan had suggested my father to send me to Delhi for my higher studies. According to him Delhi offered flexibility of working part-time and also pursue an undergraduate degree. Working part-time means, I could self-finance my education. And, also gain some work experience.
My father found the idea very realistic and support my decision to move to Delhi. I, along with one of my friends from school took flight to Delhi.
I pursued my undergraduate degree and also worked part-time at few places like domestic call centre and coffee shop.
After I finish my undergraduate degree in English literature. I qualified an entrance exam, and pursued post-graduate programme.
Today, I feel it was Delhi that gave me so much exposure that it changed my course of life and m…