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When a Nation is Proud of its Potholes, We're all Stuck!

Prologue: Written on a bumpy late evening travel from Mumbai to Mangaon, this piece is out of frustration and concern about the status of highways. I wonder why my thought choose satire to be the style for this writing. Read, Comment & Share.  ---- A recent survey by citizens of our country has confirmed that India ranked 1st in World Potholes Index. Apparently, tyre companies are lobbying with road contractors to build not so good roads. Also, there is a report which confirms potholes mafias operating during night with specially designed self-drive PotuPotu vehicles which suck out holes underneath as they run on  highways during heavy rains. 
Any politician or road contractor can avail the service by subscribing to the service of creating potholes.

Government is soon starting Potholes Cess in order to fund filling up the potholes. All NRI dentists specializing in tooth filling will be called to work on this. Government is also planning to create a new vigilance team called PIA - …

Wipro Sustainability Seeding Fellowship Program for 2016-17

Wipro’s seeding program for organizations working in the area of ecology, is designed to facilitate the starting up and support for new or early stage organizations which are focused on issues of ecological sustainability.
The program is looking for capable & committed individuals who will come together and work on issues of ecology and human development. In the first year, we plan to seed Two Fellowships. The selected fellows have to work together as a pair – this would mean that they would need to create a formal organization if it doesn’t exist already or that they have to be part of an existing, early stage organization. Suggested Areas of work Urban Ecology: Energy Access, Water, Waste, Mobility, Biodiversity and urban commons. Rural Ecology:   Agriculture, Energy Access, Water, Biodiversity, rural commons. Call for proposal We invite seeding proposals from pairs of individuals on the above themes. More details on the format of the proposal can be found at http://wipro…

IndiBlogger Launches to Help Businesses with Content Marketing

Thousands of businesses, products and services are launched everyday across the world. When these products go live, a Press Release (like the one you’re currently reading) is usually the first order of business. Businesses of various sizes, including start-ups, can now have their Press Releases published by relevant influencers in less than 72 hours. was built to make it extremely simple for a business to get their Press Releases published by top bloggers. All a business has to do is upload their Press Release and the ‘Automated Influencer Targeting Engine’, or ‘AITE’ for short, proceeds to accept applications and automatically shortlists bloggers based on various factors including internal ratings and rankings. Once shortlisted, the influencers do their research and publish their articles.
Anoop Johnson, Co-founder & Director of Marketing at IndiBlogger, adds, “With a starting budget of just USD 150, a business of any size will be able to get their press releases publis…

Flower Vendor of Panvel

Every morning, with flowers,
He roams from one corner to another, Bus stand, auto stand and shopkeepers, Delivering flowers for morning prayer. He doesn't believe in God. But he earns his livelihood selling flowers to those who believe in God.

The Depth of Your Smile

When you smile,
It Impregnates me with millions of beautiful thoughts,
Abyss, Abyss!
This is just wonderful...
I feel affirmed,
I feel confident,
A new horizon of hope opens up!

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Ode to my Childhood

Rattle of tin sheets; gun fire.
Refugees, homelessness.
Run for life.
Rumour. Packed bags and biscuits with cumin seeds.
Dinner before sunset. Night volunteers, for safety.
Identity. Meaningless materials, Buffaloes.
Vaulable in wells with hope.
Smoke. Grandfather - protection; hope.
The air. the unusual silence
Scared faces
Foot without sleepers
Shivering limbs My mother,
Wooden box with bits of Camphor, coins, faded jewelry, land revenue receipts, cattle sale receipts, land records, voters' list. Young smiling toddlers.
They are coming,
No! They can't;
If they! We must all leave.
Stay! Stay back! Be brave.
We haven't done anything.
But! Night.
Evening. Radio. Night. Morning.
Afternoon. Evening. Radio. Army.
Police. Fresh calm air.
Hope, Burning firewood.
Dinner after sunset. Gradual unpacking of bags. Biscuits with Cumin seeds got over.