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Ode to my Childhood

Rattle of tin sheets; gun fire.
Refugees, homelessness.
Run for life.
Rumour. Packed bags and biscuits with cumin seeds.
Dinner before sunset. Night volunteers, for safety.
Identity. Meaningless materials, Buffaloes.
Vaulable in wells with hope.
Smoke. Grandfather - protection; hope.
The air. the unusual silence
Scared faces
Foot without sleepers
Shivering limbs My mother,
Wooden box with bits of Camphor, coins, faded jewelry, land revenue receipts, cattle sale receipts, land records, voters' list. Young smiling toddlers.
They are coming,
No! They can't;
If they! We must all leave.
Stay! Stay back! Be brave.
We haven't done anything.
But! Night.
Evening. Radio. Night. Morning.
Afternoon. Evening. Radio. Army.
Police. Fresh calm air.
Hope, Burning firewood.
Dinner after sunset. Gradual unpacking of bags. Biscuits with Cumin seeds got over.