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Wipro Sustainability Seeding Fellowship Program for 2016-17

Wipro’s seeding program for organizations working in the area of ecology, is designed to facilitate the starting up and support for new or early stage organizations which are focused on issues of ecological sustainability.
The program is looking for capable & committed individuals who will come together and work on issues of ecology and human development. In the first year, we plan to seed Two Fellowships. The selected fellows have to work together as a pair – this would mean that they would need to create a formal organization if it doesn’t exist already or that they have to be part of an existing, early stage organization. Suggested Areas of work Urban Ecology: Energy Access, Water, Waste, Mobility, Biodiversity and urban commons. Rural Ecology:   Agriculture, Energy Access, Water, Biodiversity, rural commons. Call for proposal We invite seeding proposals from pairs of individuals on the above themes. More details on the format of the proposal can be found at http://wipro…