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When a Nation is Proud of its Potholes, We're all Stuck!

Prologue: Written on a bumpy late evening travel from Mumbai to Mangaon, this piece is out of frustration and concern about the status of highways. I wonder why my thought choose satire to be the style for this writing. Read, Comment & Share.  ---- A recent survey by citizens of our country has confirmed that India ranked 1st in World Potholes Index. Apparently, tyre companies are lobbying with road contractors to build not so good roads. Also, there is a report which confirms potholes mafias operating during night with specially designed self-drive PotuPotu vehicles which suck out holes underneath as they run on  highways during heavy rains. 
Any politician or road contractor can avail the service by subscribing to the service of creating potholes.

Government is soon starting Potholes Cess in order to fund filling up the potholes. All NRI dentists specializing in tooth filling will be called to work on this. Government is also planning to create a new vigilance team called PIA - …