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Top 3 Free CRM Opensource Softwares

At this information age, managing customer information is vital and critical to success of any enterprise. Free CRM Opensource software is available but they come with their own limitations. There are many firms that offer CRM opensource software for small business and non-profit firms.

Here is a indicative list of opensource CRM software:

a) suiteCRM - "Opensource CRM for the world" as it claims, I have just downloaded the free CRM software for my use. I will post a review after operating it.

b)  CapsuleCRM - this is another Free CRM software for limited number of people. Further to it packages can be purchased.

c) Insightly - Check this another interesting one

Fakism - Everything is Fake Except the Fundamental Threads that Tie all Living Beings.

All worldly things stood meaningless 
The mother's words were of the almighty,
As it had meaning, power and persuasion
I had goosebumps and some wet eyelids 
My eardrums had received something familiar but unusual to my cognition...
I took the form of almighty And I did what I could,
Divided homo sapiens can further divide until they extinct,
Except for some fundamental threads, which are virgin to its core, that ties all living beings on the face of this earth (and maybe also other planets)

Grandparents: An Embodiment of Love and Teacher of Life Lessons

It is an unusual afternoon. Unusual because usually you do not get urge to write. It happens to every writer, even the accomplished ones. They called it 'writer block', it is nothing but an psychological excuse to not write.

This afternoon, I couldn't stop my thoughts flow down me through fingers to the keyboard and type it down on my space here.

Two incidents that had influence to this writing are my encounter with grandfather - grandson duo, one at a tea-samosa cafe and the other one at a road side. Both observations were a deep thought
provoking ones as they instigated my thoughts to reconnect with memories with my grandfather.

At tea-Samosa cafe, I observed the affection of the grandfather towards his grandson - he poured drinking water to his grandson's glass and relished the joy as his grandson sipped water after sumptuous Samosa made by Rajasthani chef and served with dip and a small serving of farsan. Befor they stood up to leave, the grandfather asked his gra…

The Song for the Stones!


The Burn Marks!

The burn marks; Of hardwork and honesty,
Of passion and prejudice, The burn marks;
Of determination and dreams,
Of struggle and subjugation, The burn marks;
Of opportunities and oppression,
Of waiting and wars, The burn marks;
Of commitment and coercion,
Of courage and complaints, The burn marks;
Of capitalism and competition,
Of governance and goondaism, The burn marks,
The burn marks... Testimony of truth!!! ------
*this evening as I approached a street vendor selling Chinese food, I observed burn marks on his hand and face because of hot oil spill, I couldn't stop my thoughts about burn marks after that. 😒