Grandparents: An Embodiment of Love and Teacher of Life Lessons

It is an unusual afternoon. Unusual because usually you do not get urge to write. It happens to every writer, even the accomplished ones. They called it 'writer block', it is nothing but an psychological excuse to not write.

This afternoon, I couldn't stop my thoughts flow down me through fingers to the keyboard and type it down on my space here.

Two incidents that had influence to this writing are my encounter with grandfather - grandson duo, one at a tea-samosa cafe and the other one at a road side. Both observations were a deep thought
provoking ones as they instigated my thoughts to reconnect with memories with my grandfather.

At tea-Samosa cafe, I observed the affection of the grandfather towards his grandson - he poured drinking water to his grandson's glass and relished the joy as his grandson sipped water after sumptuous Samosa made by Rajasthani chef and served with dip and a small serving of farsan. Befor they stood up to leave, the grandfather asked his grandson to clean his hands properly and wipe his mouth.They left after grandfather paid 10 rupees to the vendor. Grandfather held the little boys hand as they walked ahead and left me wondering about what I had just observed and started recollecting memories with my grandfather.

And yesterday, I saw a boy from my school walk with his grandfather and grandmother towards market. Grandfather held the boys hand as he had some conversation along the way. They boy sighted me and smiled as he walked with them.

Grandparents are embodiment of affection and love. Their care, empathy and vision for us is priceless. They are the ones to teach first life lessons - stand when you fall, try even if you fail, learn from mistakes, and ask when you don't know. They constantly work around us to help us gain knowledge and perspectives through demonstration and storytelling.

One memory that I will share here is that my grandfather always asked to keep change in pocket, rather than finishing all change, and presenting big notes to shopkeepers/ service provides. Having a buffer of change in pocket always helps and maintain some as reserve for the worst times. And this has really helped me during my travels.

Grandparents strengthen our being by fostering and nurturing our growth as an individual. 


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